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Mercedes Shackleford

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It's never too late


I've been working with a lovely elderly couple recently who is trying to redo a room in their small home which they have resided for the past 30 years. And as many people can relate , 30 years is a long time to live in 1 place and also a long time to accumulate. Even with the best decluttering efforts, " things" tend to accumulate.

People hold onto items for all different reasons: most are sentimental, there is the " could be useful someday " category, among other many reasons people justify holding on. And one day you wake up to a room full or house full of " stuff". 

One of the best parts about my job is to see people realize how wonderful and lighter they feel when they simply learn to let go. Referring back to the couple that I'm helping, the gentlemen said to me" Mercedes, you have made me look at my spaces in a whole new light, and have had made it easier for me to let go." "I  love going in my office and just being." Nothing could make me happier as an organizer. Nothing. So it's never too late to discover the joy of living with less. 

So what the heck does an organizer really do?!?