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Mercedes Shackleford

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So what the heck does an organizer really do?!?

You stand there staring at your closet or basement and you say," I hate this mess. Ugh, I have too much stuff. I really need to get rid of this clutter. I'll tackle this mess for sure on Saturday." Saturday comes and goes; it always does. And then your left with the space untouched. It happens to all if us. Yes, even the most " organized " people. So now what....  let me begin by telling you what an organizer does and doesn't do:

We won't judge your space. Messy spaces make us happy because we can see past your stuff .

We can remain objective because there's no personal attatchments to your items. 

We give you permission to let go.

We won't come in and tell you to throw everything away. I promise. But we encourage you to only hold on to what has a real purpose or value.  

We make this simplifying process a lot less stressful. Who wants to clean their basement alone?

We give you a peaceful home again and teach you habits to maintain your new, cute, uncluttered space.  

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Mercedes Shackleford  

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