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It's ok to let it go!

Often times when I'm working with clients, we'll come across those " sentimental" items that just can't be tossed or donated. You know exactly what I'm talking about: the picture frame that your best friend gifted you for Christmas that clashes with your decor, or the sweater that looks like it's from the 80s but your hubby bought it on your 40 TH birthday. You can't possibly part with it, right??????

WRONG. Removing the item that no longer serves and adds value to your life should and needs to go. It doesn't lessen the thought of the person that gifted it. Your memories aren't in your things! Make room for items that add value to your life, not take away. Think of it like this: maybe the item that your donating matches someone else's decor perfectly, and maybe, just maybe, someone still loves 80s sweaters and is looking for a new one at Goodwill to buy! 😆

Happy donating! 


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How much do you value your time?

How much do you value your time?