My business is built on referrals and great reviews. I would love it if you shared your experience for others to read. - Mercedes

"I had the privilege of having Mercedes help me get the storage area of my business under control. She helped me repurpose space, purge and organize what had to be stored. Her gift mix is perfect for this. She worked with me to create a vision for what to do, pushed herself (and me) to get it done in a timely fashion, and made it look cute AND functional. She’s definitely money conscious and hunts for the bargains wherever she can.

Mercedes is fun to work with and I would highly recommend her for any organizational job in your business or your home!"

Jenni Chase, Studio Share Photography


"Mercedes has great passion and a creative gift when it comes to organizing. She can turn a dark, dreary closet into a brightly colored showcase. All while making all your items perfectly findable! It's amazing!" - Lori Gatto

"... after working with Mercedes, I have come to value the peace that comes from an organized space."

"Mercedes organized not only my pantry but also my basement, which was a huge undertaking. The basement was a heap of 13 years of belongings (e.g., children’s toys and clothes, holiday decorations, etc.). She thoughtfully guided me through the process of parting with things that I rarely if ever used, and she helped me learn to identify the things that were really meaningful to me; and there weren’t many amidst the piles of “stuff”. In addition, she took the time to make trips to the appropriate places to either donate or dispose of the things I didn’t need. What she created was a space I actually enjoy going to, where before I would avoid my basement, because it was just a source of stress. In the end, all the things I kept are organized and stored in labeled bins on storage shelves. So now putting away things like holiday decorations is as easy as taking them out. Everything has its place.

Mercedes also transformed my pantry from a “dumping ground” to a visually pleasing and functional space. Again, everything ended up having its own place. No longer do I dread putting away groceries or cleaning up after baking, because I know everything has a logical place either on a shelf or in a labeled basket.  

All during the process of working with Mercedes, she provided encouragement and thoughtful advice about how to simplify and stay organized. I truly believe my way of thinking has changed since working with her. I think twice before I buy things that I don’t need. And when I clean, I find myself asking if I really need to keep this or that. It’s so much easier now just to put it in the Goodwill box instead of seeing it clutter my home. Overall, after working with Mercedes, I have come to value the peace that comes from an organized space over the short-lived satisfaction of obtaining more “things.”

Mercedes provides not only a quick and effective solution to a cluttered space, but also a different way of thinking that her clients will benefit from in the long term. "